Let us build the Pre-war guitar you've always wanted...

We have carefully gathered specs from almost every 1930's and early 40's guitar that there is.  Remember that "Nick Lucas" that you had to sell for $300 or that D-45 that got burned to bits in the divorce?... The one that got away can now be gotten back and better than ever.

Is your favorite guitar locked away in a vault? It is too expensive to travel, too rare to pickup and play, too fussy and temperamental to setup right, etc... Your favorite vintage guitar can now be replicated, with a perfect setup and that incomparable sparkling vintage tone.

  Do you have dreams of a Om-21 but prefer the look of a OOO's binding and rosette? ....a short scale 28?..Baritone J-35?....We can make it all with the look and sound of a true vintage instrument

Do you want it to look like it was sealed in a time capsule, or like it was played 10 hours a day? We can age it to match your dream guitar or send us some pictures (or your guitar that you want cloned..)  and well make it so.




All custom shop Pre-war guitars are $14,500. This includes Brazilian Rosewood, any custom (or standard for the model inlays), master grade torrefied top, a custom Calton Case and Lifetime warranty. To place an order, a $5,000 non-refundable design consultation fee must be received. This payment is used to purchase all materials including the case. The final balance will be due three weeks prior to shipping.