Pre-war Guitars Co. Traveling Demo Experiment USA ONLY.

This is an experimental concept so there will be some hurdles to overcome. Please only sign up with the understanding that all of the details are not yet worked out and we will have to work together to make this successful.


The Deal..

You pay for the shipping cost (fully insured UPS or Fedex)  from the previous person on the list to you.  You keep the guitar for 4 days and send it to the next person on the list.  You have the option to buy it.  If it sells we send another guitar down the list. Cancel your turn anytime and it goes to the next on the list. We pay for shipping from the last person back to us.


-    When your turn is coming up to get the guitar I will call you to reserve $4500 on you credit card. (call me if this is a problem and we will try and work something out.) The funds reserved on your card will not leave your account, they will just be on reserve while you have the guitar. The reserve/hold expires automatically after 7-10 business days.

-You will pay for the shipping cost in a separate transaction that I will email to you.  If I don’t get a response/payment within 24 hours I will move to the next in line.
-    I will handle collecting all of the shipping cost and will work out the logistics of getting a shipping label (by email) to the person currently with the guitar, addressed to the next person in line.
-    When you get the guitar, feel free to keep it for 1-4 business days.  --Also feel free to buy it and we will send another guitar out! --
-    When your time with the guitar is over (up to 4 days…) you will just need to arrange to be home for UPS to pickup the guitar, or better yet take it and drop it off at a UPS or Fedex store location.
-    I will email you a label that you will need to print out and attach to the box. This will require tape, a printer, and paper.  Your local UPS/Fedex store can help you with all of this if you have one.
-    I’ll give everyone directly waiting on the guitar tracking info so that you can arrange for yourself to receive it when it gets to you.



USA only.  Supplied contact information will be used only for the purposes listed above. We don't share personal information. 

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