You can’t separate the look and sound of a great vintage guitar.

We’ve repaired, played, owned, sold, and loved countless 1930’s and 40’s D-18s, D-28's and J-45s over the years. Most luthiers dream of having the opportunity to work on just one of these. Over the years we've taken 3d scans and careful measurements. We've spent endless amounts of quality time listening to what these great instruments have to teach us, and what the owners and players have to say about them. The good.... and the bad. 

Pictured below are just a few of the great 1930's and early 40's Martins and Gibsons that we have had the honor to repair, play, and enjoy.

Back Row: LG1 banner, 1939 J-35,  1937 D-18, 1937 D-18, 1936 D-28.  Front Row: 1941 D-18, 1941 D-18, 1934 D-18, 1936 D-18, 1939 J-35, 1941 J-45.