Pre-war 000-28.jpg

We love pre-war instruments.

 Our goal is to make an honest recreation of the tone, feel and look of the Pre-War era while accommodating the needs of the modern musician." 

Standard Features:

  • Dovetail neck joints.

  • Natural or Shade top finish.

  • Hide glue construction.

  • Ultra thin, aged Nitrocellulose lacquer.

  • Torrefied Adirondack Spruce tops and hand carved torrefied Spruce brace wood.

  • Two way truss rods for adjust-ability, and reliability of a modern guitar.

  • Hand Made in the USA

  • Left handed option.

Choose your distress level.

Level One:

Small step up from a basic vintage patina. Finish is checked to relieve tension. -NO ADDED PLAY WEAR -Equivalent to a collectors grade EX+ or Mint condition.

Level Two:

Inspired by vintage guitars that were lovingly cared for and played for much of their life.

Level Three:

An homage to the true “Road Warrior” guitars we all know and love, with an artful amount of heavy play wear.

You can’t separate the look and sound of a great vintage instrument.

We’ve had countless acoustic instruments from the 1930's and 40's in the shop. These instruments have taught us invaluable lessons.  Pictured below are just a few of the great 1930's and early 40's guitars that we have had the honor to repair, play, and enjoy.

"To us it is simple. We love perfectly setup and easily adjustable, old sounding, and old/beat up looking guitars, and that's what we make."

Back Row: LG1 banner, 1939 J-35,  1937 D-18, 1937 D-18, 1936 D-28.  Front Row: 1941 D-18, 1941 D-18, 1934 D-18, 1936 D-18, 1939 J-35, 1941 J-45.