You can Choose your distress level.

We scientifically age all of our instruments to achieve a very lively, responsive, and accurate vintage tone. "Level 1" is our baseline option, it has -no- added play wear or distress.

Level One:

NO ADDED PLAY WEAR -Equivalent to a collectors grade EX+ or Mint condition.

Level Two:

Inspired by vintage guitars that were lovingly cared for and played for much of their life.

Level Three:

An homage to the true “Road Warrior” guitars we all know and love, with an artful amount of heavy play wear.


We love pre-war instruments. They have taught us invaluable lessons.  Pictured below are just a few of the great 1930's and early 40's guitars that we have had the honor to study, repair, play, and enjoy.

Back Row: LG1 banner, 1939 J-35,  1937 D-18, 1937 D-18, 1936 D-28.  Front Row: 1941 D-18, 1941 D-18, 1934 D-18, 1936 D-18, 1939 J-35, 1941 J-45.