We don't have paid endorsers.  These are all customers who were gracious enough to pay for their instruments, and love them enough to send a picture and say what they think about them for other people. 


"On our way from Durham, North Carolina to Charlotte, Tommy wanted to stop by a vintage guitar shop that some people had told him about after the show in Durham. So, we dropped by Lowe Vintage Instrument Company in Burlington. https://www.facebook.com/lowevintage/ It was fun to see the looks on the people's faces when he walked in the store. Even better was the looks on peoples' faces who had no idea who he was when he started playing! LOL! Here Tommy is playing a guitar made by Pre-War Guitars Company...  

These are hand-made guitars, made in North Carolina, that are new, but look (and sound)  old. Tommy loved it so much, he bought it!

My Dreadnought exceeds all expectations. Wes and Ben create world-class instruments. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to play such a great instrument. Thank you so much for breaking the code. I own my new guitar for two weeks now, but it already feels like I owned it for years. Distress level 1 is beautifully executed, the neck is perfect, as is the whole set-up. I have owned three (actual historical) pre-war  acoustics in the past (all early 1939s..), but they were temperamental old beasts, impossible to take to work in my situation. This brand spanking new guitar sounds and plays a lot like them, and then some! I am looking forward to get it on stage and see how it holds up. I am sure it will. Billy Gee installed a K&K, and it did not affect the acoustic sound of the guitar in the least. I have played it in practice every day now, and it grows on me so beautifully. And it is hand made right here in North Carolina. Thank you, Wes and Ben! Can't wait for the Herringbone I have on order now...


Andrew Marlin -  Mandolin Orange

Andrew Marlin - Mandolin Orange

  When you play a classic guitar from the 1930's and early 40's, every note possesses saturation that goes way beyond just bass response. There is an entire frequency range and a wisdom forged into the wood over time, allowing it to meet the tonal demands of any player regardless of style. Their instruments embody the sound that time has taken 80 years to perfect.

-Custom Shop 000

-Model 'BONE shade top

Andrew Marlin - "Mandolin Orange"

David Grier

Model Herringbone

"Its a cannon!!"

Joe henry - Artist/Producer


It really is so deep and rich, and I really am blown away by it.

Molly Tuttle

Model D

Yes!!!! I think it is truly the best new guitar I have ever played!! So honored to have it!

Woody Platt - "Steep Canyon Rangers"

Model - Herringbone

This thing is amazing! I haven't had any troubles cutting through the mix and it looks and sounds just like an old box.

Joseph Terrell -  Mipso

Joseph Terrell - Mipso

Joseph Terrell - "Mipso"

-Model Herringbone

-Model J

There's a big difference between making a good new guitar and making a guitar in the spirit of a prewar Martin or Gibson. The latter is a lot harder. The result is not just a shiny, guitar-shaped thing, but an instrument with cohesion and a real personality. You can tell when they're built with knowledge and love and attention to detail. Wes and Ben knock it out of the park.

Chris Frank - "Red Clay Ramblers"

-Model J

-NL Special

"This Model J is an extraordinary guitar- it sounds and feels like it is 80 years old, amazing."

Eli West

Model - Herringbone

"Each time I pick this guitar up, something new emerges… During that anticipated first acquaintance, it was the low growl.  Then the highs.  Then the mids and crazy Brazilian overtones.  This thing is loud, balanced, and so fun to play.  Thanks Ben and Wes for an incredible instrument.”

Graham Sharp - "Steep Canyon Rangers"

Model - 000-Mahogany

This is one of my favorite guitars ever right out of the box! Congrats and gratitude for this badass instrument