Frequently asked:

  • Pricing?  --Current pricing.

  • What is Torrefied wood?  --Click the link to find out.

  • What type of neck joint do these have?  --All Pre-War Guitars CO. instruments have a traditional hide glue dovetail neck joint.

  • What type of finish do you use? --Aged ultra thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

  • How do you age the tone of these guitars?  ---With Science! These guitars are built just like they were, lightweight, with dovetail necks and hide glue.

  • What neck shape do these have? --D and HD have a standard 1937 "C" at nut to "V" at the heel. Model J has a very soft "V". Note: These are hand carved necks, made like they did in the 30's, no two will be -exactly- the same...

  • What type of case do you get?  -- Harptone Case included, Limited Edition guitars get a Calton case.

  • Distress Level.  What is this?... Link to answers.